Impianti di produzione all'avanguardia, metodi di produzione innovativi e rispettosi dell'ambiente, l'uso di materie prime di alta qualità e costanti controlli garantiscono la qualità più elevata e costante dei nostri prodotti.

Certificazioni / Management di qualità, di protezione dell’ambiente e di tutela del lavoro

Il sistema management di qualità, di protezione dell’ambiente e di tutela del lavoro di Proell GmbH è certificato secondo:

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Proell’s Commitment to Customers and Quality – Our Company Policy

  • To accommodate the ever expanding global market, we develop, produce and sell future oriented ink systems for screen and pad printing plus custom chemical products for the coating and printing of plastic and other materials.
  • Our customers are the focal point of everything we think and do. Their demands determine the high quality of our products and service.
  • We have signed the pledge of the European Council’s Association of Lacquer, Ink and Designer Paint Industries, EuPIA and CEPE, to avoid the use of hazardous raw materials. In developing and manufacturing our products, we do not incorporate any of the substances appearing in the exclusion policy.
  • The close co-operation of our R&D, production and sales departments guarantees first rate quality, product safety, compatibility with the environment and user friendliness.
  • A primary focus of our production is developing UV lacquers as and water based products as an alternative for solvent-based systems.
  • Tailor-made solutions combined with the service of skilled experts, flexibility and promptness make us stand out. This means constant customer support including the related technical training.
  • To assure compliance with legal guidelines, to rule out any possible occurrence of pollution, and to achieve the highest degree of safety for employees, visitors and those working with or near our company, we monitor our production on a continuing basis.
  • We see it as our special task to use all resources as efficiently as possible, to be particularly cautious with dangerous substances and to avoid pollution through exhaust and waste.
  • We ensure the expert qualification and environmental and safety awareness of our employees and promote active participation in the continuous improvement of our processes, quality, product safety and environmental protection. This is in keeping with our deep commitment to the customer and the company.
  • We safeguard health, avoid accidents and prevent job-related illnesses not only through the careful planning or equipment and processes, but by performing in line with important health criteria as well.
  • We strive to convince our customers with uniform top quality of products and service which comply with all environmental and safety standards.
  • Our target is to increase customer satisfaction and constantly promote the safety and environmental as well as health protection of our employees above and beyond the legal requirement.
  • We protect personal data in particular of employees, customers and suppliers as well as other confidential information from access of third parties.
  • We reject any form of corruption, extortion, bribery, etc., as well as the laundering of the proceeds of such practices, and support fair competition in compliance with antitrust regulations.
  • We respect internationally recognized human rights and support their observance. We reject all forms of forced and child labor as well as discrimination against people on the basis of individual circumstances such as ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, political views, etc. We also expect our business partners to act responsibly in this sense.

Weissenburg, August 2022

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